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We will have all of our documents on the hCG protocol available right here so that you can access them when YOU need them, from anywhere you are.  Just go to the end of the paragraph describing the document and click on the link immediately after the description.  The document will open in a new window.  You may read it online, save it to your computer, even print it from this window.

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Pounds and Inches e-book

This is the original manuscript written by Dr ATW Simeons.  If you do not read it BEFORE starting this protocol, the chances are slim that you will be successful.  The original protocol was written for the doctor's patients to come to a clinic setting and they were administered daily injections by the staff.  We now are able to get the same results using homeopathic products.  The language in this manuscript is still the original wording so remember that when reading through.  It is also advisable to read the document below Notes on Pounds and Inches to further understand the protocol.  POUNDS&INCHES.pdf

Notes about Pounds and Inches e-book

Because this was written in 1954, there are a few subtle changes that have come about, such as homeopathic drops and pellets.  This document will explain some of the differences without changing the protocol Notes on Pounds and Inches.pdf

Dr Simeons Original Food List and Summary (also known as "The Pink Sheet")

Dr Simeons Original Food List and Summary (also known as "The Pink Sheet")This comes directly out of the pages from Dr Simeons manuscript/e-book Pounds & Inches.  When we tell you to eat strictly protocol, this would be what we are referring to. You are welcome to print it out and have it handy to refer to.  Better Health hCG Pink Sheet USE.doc

Diet Summary

This is a quick outline for you to read to see if it is something you can commit to.  This protocol is NOT for the faint of heart but for those that can make a change in their eating habits for up to 40 days on P2.  Diet Summary.pdf

Loading Days

You will start the diet eating high fat foods for two days.  You begin taking the hCG homeopathic on the same day you begin loading (also known as forced feeding/gorging).  Here are some suggestions.  Loading Days.pdf

Important reminder about how to use your drops

This short document will give you some important reminders on how to properly dose with your drops.  There are also other tips contained in the document.  Some important reminders enhanced 1 page PDF.pdf

How do I take the drops

This is a suggested way to use the homeopathic drops.  You do not need to take them as described.  Listen to your body and take them when it fits.  Remember to increase the drops as needed if your hunger is not controlled.  How do I take the drops new.pdf

Food Item Calories per ounce


OK, now let's think about the question of how much of a  veggie you can have.  It is really dependent on several factors.  Remember, you get 500 calories a day to split up how you want, but only 500.  The thing you do know and that doesnt' change is that you get 100 grams (3.5 oz) of your protein.  If you had beef at lunch the caloric value would be xx, add an apple and the calories for that would depend on the size, did you have the bread stick or Melba toast, what is left over is the remaining calories you can eat of the approved veggies. However, if you choose chicken or shrimp, the calories are not the same for your 3.5 oz as it is for beef.  Do you see why I can't tell you exactly how much of any veggie you can have.  You control that amount by what you are eating.  For me, I give up my Melba so I can eat a larger portion of veggies.  Some eat their vegetable until satisfied and do well with that.  You know your body and you watch the scale, so only you can answer what you should or should not do.  I strongly advise that you open an on-line calorie counter like or something like that to help you keep count of what you are ingesting.  Food Item Calories per ounce.pdf

Food list ~ Alternative

This is a list of food that is permitted on the protocol during P2, along with the ounces needed of each item.  The creator of this particular document did the research and determined to get the same food value that Dr S wanted you to have is a bit different than most think.  This list could be considered controversial, so if you are a purist to the protocol, do not use this food list, but use the original list and weigh out each of your choices using or one of the other calorie counters to get to your 500 calorie limit for the day.  foodlist current.pdf

I am Vegan/Vegetarian.  Can I do this protocol?

Although Dr Simeons did not have an actual vegan/vegetarian protocol in place at the time of his death, we have been fortunate to have many people test the waters with this food list.  Stick to the choices and be sure to go into P3 strong and with resolve and you will do great.  HCG Diet Vegan Protocol.pdf

Supplements and other products you may want to add while on P2 

While we are not able to give medical advise and are not health care professionals, these are the supplements that we have found to be beneficial to us while in Phase 2 of the hCG protocol.  Please be sure to check with your own health care professional or pharmacist to be sure you can safely add these into your daily regiment.  Supplements and other products you may want to add while on P2.pdf

Medications and medical issues

We cannot advise you medically.  You must talk to your Primary Care Physician  for any health concerns while using hCG or any other diet aide.  These are only suggestions and things that have worked for other clients.  This is not a "One Size Fits All" protocol.  Please use wisdom.  Medications and Diabetic Issues.pdf

Beauty products and skin lotions

Remember to take care not to add any type of oil to your skin as the hCG will see that as a food source and choose the easy meal on your skin rather than going after the abnormal fat in your body.  This includes handling fatty foods such as bacon or sausage.  Beauty products for P2.pdf

How do I set up and use the Weight loss tracker

This instructional will make it very simple for you to set up your tracker before you begin your protocol.  You will need the tracker for your loading days. The tracker itself is the next topic down from this one. How do I use the hCG weight tracker.pdf

Weight loss tracker

There is nothing more motivating than getting up each morning and seeing the pounds melting off you.  Tracking them on this tracker is a great tool so you can see your daily progress.  This is not to be printed out but rather stored to your desk top for easy access each morning.  original Weight Loss Tracker.xlsx

Sugar by any other name is ....Well, it's still sugar!

In order for you to be wise when selecting your choices for foods, you must read the label to look for added sugar.  But sometimes sugar is hidden by an alias name.  Here are some of them and this list is not comprehensive or complete by any means.  Sugar by any other name is still sugar.pdf

Common abbreviations and meanings used

If you are on any forums or group discussion pages, many of these terms will come up.  This is a cheat sheet to help you understand what everyone is relaying.   Abbreviation.pdf

hCG Friendly Cookbooks ~ ummmm....proceed with caution!!

I am posting these two cookbooks that I found "somewhere out there" in webworld.  On many of the recipes,  the authors took liberty with some of the ingredients as well as some of the  information written in the cookbooks themselves.  If it does not follow the original protocol, it is off limits.  They say you can have turkey and some veggies that are not protocol.  We do not follow that mindset here.  Only use the food from the list that Dr Simeons listed.  You must get to know the real protocol so you can identify non-factual additions.  If you have questions, call or email us.  And remember to visit us on our facebook page and get even more recipes and ideas.

HCG Gourmet_Cookbook.pdf

HCG diet recipes.pdf

Adobe Reader for PDF

Do you need to view the PDF files but can't?  Perhaps you do not have an existing reader on your computer to view them.  Or you may have a reader that is outdated.  Here is a link for a free Reader Only by Adobe.  Click on the link and follow the instructions.  You should then be able to view all of our support documents.  Free Adobe Reader Only

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