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What is all the hype about?

Did you ever wonder how that co-worker, store clerk, nurse, relative, pastor, bank teller, flight attendant, etc. lost such a significant amount of weight in just a short period of time but didn't feel right asking how they did it?  Have you tried every method known to man to lose weight  (exercise, low-fat, low-carb, fad diets, etc.) without success?  Well, the answers to your questions can be found here.  You will find out how to lose the weight you need to, reset your metabolism and end a life of dieting.  Sound like a dream?  Read on!

Eating more calories than your body is using causes the body to store the extra calories as fat.  When a person has a healthy metabolism, this normal fat gets used as extra energy when food is not readily available.  However, if you are constantly eating more calories than your body can use, your metabolism goes haywire or on the blink and stops functioning properly or in a typical manner.

Over time, those extra calories become what Dr. ATW Simeons revealed as ABNORMAL FAT.  This abnormal fat  becomes invisible to the part of the brain that controls our fat storage.  Packed away and consigned to oblivion, this abnormal fat is unavailable to the body.  No matter how much diet and exercise you do to get rid of it, the abnormal fat continues to hang on to your body and refuses to give in to your every try to force it to leave.  Dr Simeons taught us that there are three different types of fat.  Structural, Normal, and Abnormal.  The structural fat's job is to protect the internal organs and also for cushioning.  The normal fat is what the body uses for fuel.  The abnormal fat is what became packed away and forgotten.

When Dr. ATW Simeons founded this protocol  for obesity in 1954 using hCG and a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), he found that the hCG provoked or activated the metabolism to invade the abnormal fat causing it to be mobilized and burned up by the body at a very rapid rate.  Think of the Ms Pac-Man game where the iconic figure ate up all the dots.  The dots are the abnormal fat.  It has been reported that 1/2 to 2 pounds per day without exercise has been achieved.  This is based on an average over the entire length of the protocol.  Men tend to have a higher rate of loss than do women.  You could lose up to 34 pounds in just 43 days.
So what exactly is hCG?

It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  It is not a drug but rather a complex amino-peptide molecule, a naturally occurring water-based hormone, that is produced by the placenta in high levels during pregnancy of the human woman.  Virtually hundreds of thousands of people, men and women, have used this treatment with tremendous success for permanent and rapid results for weight loss.

hCG combined with a specific Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) forces the body to burn up abnormal fat.

hCG does this by prompting the” interbrain” region where the hypothalamus is, to use abnormal fat for the body’s daily caloric needs.  And since hCG is muscle preserving, the weight loss is all abnormal body fat!  No muscle or bone loss.  Pure abnormal fat, gone!

You can repeat the protocol more than once to lose as much body fat as you need to.

It resets your metabolism, or your hypothalamus, to keep the weight off permanently.  You must complete all phases of the protocol successfully to see these results.

You can reduce or eliminate reliance on other medications.  Work with your health care provider on reducing or stopping any of your current medications.  Always seek your health care provider on advise regarding starting any diet plan.

It’s fundamentally 100% successful for everyone if you are following the food requirements, taking in the recommended amount of water, and following the protocol very strictly.

It has been a grand slam method of safe weight loss through 5 decades for thousands.