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My Personal Story

In my desperate search to lose weight, I found Homeopathic hCG drops.  I had decided that if this protocol didn't work I was going to eat my way up to 100 pounds overweight to be eligible for gastric bypass surgery.  I committed myself to put everything into it and abide by the rules of the protocol without varying it so that I could give it a honest chance.  What did I have to lose except time and weight and a small amount of cash.  As I ended my first week I was hooked.  The scale kept me motivated.  I had lost an average of a little over a pound a day and was not even hungry.  Two weeks down, still the scale was not failing me.  Three weeks, did I mention how much I love Homeopathic hCG?  By the end of my 40 day round  I was down 29.6 pounds.  People were telling me I didn't even look like the same person.  I felt vibrant and alive for the first time in years.  Bonus.....I could shop out of my own closet and wear clothing I hadn't fit into in ages.

It was when I started my second round that people began asking for my help.  Then is when I believe that God dropped the plan for this business and website into my heart.  And Better Health hCG was born that very day.  As Christian business owners, we are committed to running our business with honesty, integrity and solid biblical principles.

I am passionate about this product.  I love helping others.  And the product works for those that stick to the protocol very closely.  We are dedicated to shipping you a superior product to assist you in your weight loss and providing a way to get your questions answered.  Due to the large volume of calls this product has generated, we encourage you to email us with your questions rather than calling us.  God bless you in your journey to Better Health using our Homeopathic hCG Drops.

Shipping and other information


*****IMPORTANT NOTICE ****  PLEASE READ THE                                   FOLLOWING HIGHLIGHTED PARAGRAPH ****

*****IMPORTANT NOTICE ****  We are back to normal business after VBS****

We are back to business as usual after a wonderful two weeks of Vacation Bible School (we call it JUMP!).  Over the two week period we had 6,027 kids on our campus, 1,491 volunteers, 46,206 sno-cones and used 2,100 pounds of sugar to make the sno-cones, 31,616 bags of popcorn, 990 watermelons, 1,881 first time salvations, 2,210 re-dedications, a wonderful drama, plenty of activity in 2 water parks and 2 fields full of games, rides and fun.  This year, the saith based multi-talented Tanya Crevier (YouTube her to see her amazing demonstrations) came with many things to amaze the kids and adults alike. She was interesting, amazing and  interactive with the kids.  Our local rapper Mynista gave a terrific performance using rap and the Word of God to get the kids involved.  There was also a group called Kinetic Tapestry which is an act that would be similar to circus type of entertainment.  It was a funny act as well as a show of tremendous skill that was enjoyed by all.  The kids had a wonderful time and hopefully a urgency to follow God for their whole life.  Thanks to all of our great customers that supported us during this time with patience, encouragement and understanding.


 Shipping is within 1 day of receipt of payment on normal orders and during normal business weeks. 

We are sorry that we must require a check, cashier's  check or money order in advance of shipping orders.  We are still currently unable to take credit/debit transactions.  Please call and let us know you would like to place an order to be mailed and we will give you an address to mail your payment to us.  Email us at or text or call us at 636-542-8765. 

Mailing cost in the Continental USA is as follows:

1 bottle  -  $3.50

2 bottles - $4.50

3-6 bottles - Approximately $6-9.00 depending on zip code.  Please call us for an accurate amount

8+ - Depends on zip code.  Please call us for an accurate amount

We are unable to mail outside of the USA.  Alaska and Hawaii prices may vary depending on quantity ordered.  Please call us for an accurate fee amount.  Leave the zip code as well as a quantity so that we can have that information ready when we call you back.