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hCG Drops/Pellets

  1. What is the correct way to properly administer the drops and pellets?

    Don't forget to pop the bottle before each use (which is simply smacking it against the palm of your hand 6-8 times-not shaking), nothing by mouth 30 minutes before/after taking drops (but you do not have to take prior to a meal only but could use 6am, 2pm, and 7pm as dosage times, for instance), hold under tongue for 5-7 minutes or more for the Alcohol Free drops, 3 minutes or more for the drops with Amino Acids,then swallow.  Never ever touch the dropper to your mouth or anything else, and the 0.5ml line is 10 drops.  The Alcohol Free product has absolutely no taste and no stinging sensation at all.   For the pellets you must never touch them as they will begin breaking down.  Tap the amount you need into the lid and toss them under your tongue to dissolve completely before swallowing.  Mint is a barrier to ALL homeopathic products so be sure to brush your teeth after your 30 minutes and not before.  Begin the drops on the first day of loading.  Do not drink regular tap water if at all possible.  Purified or distilled is desirable.  Start the drops/pellets on the same day you begin the two days of loading.  During this protocol, your body does remarkable things.  Try foods now that you used to not like.  You may find that you are tasting things differently now.  What do you have to loose except (fill in the blank) pounds.

    If you are dealing with hunger (real hunger-not just emptiness) you may increase the number of drops/pellets you are using.  The amount depends on your body.  Start with 2 drops and add more as needed.  With pellets you may try one extra and see how you do.  You may even add an entire extra dose in if your hunger is still not under control.   Contact us if you have questions about increasing a dose or taking an extra dose.  Make sure you are not using any form of artificial sweetener. Only stevia will prevent an insulin spike causing hunger.


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Pounds & Inches - The protocol

  1. Do you offer coaching? I don't know what to do.

    First and far most is to go to our homepage and read Pounds & Inches and then Notes on Pounds & Inches.  Read those two documents and write down questions that you may have or don't understand.  After reading, join our facebook page for support, help, tips, encouagement and just hanging out with others that are doing or have done this protocol.  You can find the facebook link on the homepage near the top as well as on the How to Contact Us tab.  We are unable to give coacing individually and must resort to a social media environment to be able to give you the support you may need.  We have experienced coaches that monitor our facebook wall as well as many trusted veterans that have completed this protocol.  Don't worry.  If you are given incorrect information while on the wall, we will make sure to correct it in our response posts.  And this group is closed/private so only other members will be able to see what you are posting about.

  2. Can I use Coconut oil during P2?

    Many can and have used coconut oil in P2 as a moisturizer without a problem.  The reason, it is theorized, is because hCG doesn't see/recognize coconut oil as a food source.  The suggestion is to try it and watch the scale.

  3. The protocol says to stop all medications. I am on some that I must take. Does that mean I can't do this protocol?

    No, you it doesn't mean you can't do this protocol.  You should never stop taking medication without a doctor discontinuing it for you.  That was written in the original document from 1954 and the people that did this protocol went to the doctor's very exclusive clinic and were overseen by medical professionals 24/7.  You must continue all medications that your healthcare professional prescribed.  Be aware that if you are on blood pressure medication, diabetic medication, cholesterol medication (to name a few), you should be monitoring your numbers.  You may need to have your medications adjusted as your weight decreases.

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  1. Why do you take off Two (2) weeks during June?

    Every year we are involved in our church's Vacation Bible School program (We call it JUMP!).  This year (2013) it will be for two weeks M-Th.  Week one is June 3-6.  Week two is June 10-13.  We will be very thinly spread during these weeks so please be patient if it takes us longer to connect with you via phone, email or text.  Because the noise level will be very high,I recommend texting to (636) 542-8765 or email [email protected]  This is a real blessing to us and our community.  Please allow us to serve you as time permits during this period.  Thank you!! 


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